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About Dispensary: Acanza Health Group

“Acanza Health Group Is Located In Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Acanza Is A Majority Woman Owned State Of The Art Medical Marijuana Dispensary With An In-House Cultivation And Processing Center. Acanza Sets The Standard For The Delivery Of Reliable, Safe, And Consistently High-Quality Cannabinoid-Based Medicine Professionally Integrated Within A Model Of Effective And Highly Compassionate Patient-Centered Care.”

Address: 2733 N McConnell Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone# (479) 488-2071


Monday10 AM– 7 PM
Tuesday10 AM– 7 PM
Wednesday10 AM– 7 PM
Thursday10 AM– 7 PM
Friday10 AM– 7 PM
Saturday10 AM– 7 PM
Sunday10 AM– 7 PM



Acanza Health Group was the most difficult dispensary for me to review, yet. I really wanted to give Acanza a five star review, because their product storage is mostly really good, their prices are excellent, and they are in a really good location.

However, their staff members in the front are so unprofessional, and are just not helpful in any way. Yet, the bud tenders seem to be generally amazing. 

I felt torn, because I’ve always believed that product storage is the most important, followed by price. However, after being to this dispensary that has great prices and great storage, but terrible staff. I probably won’t go there again unless I’m in a bind. 

It only surprised me a little to learn, that the culture of a company and the attitude of the employees can really make that huge of a difference.

Product Storage Score:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ideally, a dispensary will store their marijuana flower in a dimly lit, cool (not cold) environment, with minimal exposure to air. Acanza has very good product storage habits. 

Although the dispensary is brightly lit, you can see that the glass jars are kept in a dark cabinet behind the counter, where they are not exposed to the light. 

Acanza keeps their flower that is not in jars in one of two kinds of bags. The first is a thick, walled white, light proofed bag, which seals tightly. These bags are great for product storage. 

This particular plastic is a bit heavier duty, and appears to be lined with some kind of foil, when you cut it. This would protect the terpenes from any air passing through the bag, as well as keeping it safe from light exposure.

The second type of bag is a brown heavy-weight paper, dipped in plastic, with a plastic lining. In this particular bag, it was exceedingly easy to smell the bud through the bag. This tells me the bag is too porous to keep the bud fresh for an extended period of time. 

When you read the bag, there is a test date and a packaging date. The product is tested before it arrives at the dispensary, and is packaged after arrival. The packaging date should be the last time that nug was exposed before you purchased it. A few of the times I visited Acanza, I received product that was more than a month past the packaging date. 

Once, it was in one of those paper bags (and it was on sale), but the product was extremely dry, and it seemed to be less effective. However, that’s just subjective. I am skeptical that the brown bags keep the products as well as the others do. 

Overall, however, Acanza Health group practices great product storage. 

Pricing Score :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Acanza’s product pricing system is really good, in comparison with a lot of other Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries. First, their bud increments begin in grams, which they sell for as little as $10, $12, and $15.

I’m particular about dispensaries selling in grams, because there’s an option if you’re just looking to pick up a little, or if you want to sample several. Not everyone wants to spend a lot at once, and a lot of new patients want to sample a variety to find what they like. 

Acanza is a good place to do that. 

Additionally, Acanza offers a discount of 10%, and 20% on Sundays, to patients below a specific income level. On your first visit there, they offer you a sheet to fill out to enroll in the program. 

A lot of patients write to us asking about lowering bud prices. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do to make it less expensive in our state, short of having a lot more cultivators flood the market with available inexpensive, wholesale product. However, a few dispensaries, like Acanza, have programs like this one to make the burden a little less for lower income households.


Wait & Staff Score :⭐⭐

It was extremely difficult for me to review Acanza on this category because I kept having such polarity in my experiences with them. I just kept going back, trying to have a different kind of experience, but kept running into the same issue.

Finally, I landed on how to rate their staff and wait time, and I feel that two stars is very fair for the type of experience you can expect from Acanza, if you were to go there on a regular basis.

The wait is pretty long in proportion to how many people are there. It look me 10 minutes with only 1 person in line in front of me, and 32 minutes with 14 in line in front of my outside. Their line moves very, very slowly. If there’s only a few people there, its okay, but you’ll still wait.

The front staff is pretty aggressive, and aren’t very helpful. They treat the patients like its their own fault for not knowing how Acanza’s check in works. 

The bud tenders are extremely kind, and helpful. All of them that I’ve encountered are radiating positivity. The difference between the front and back is night and day.

My First Visit

My first time visiting Acanza was the best experience of them all. When I arrived, there was one person sitting on the bench in front of the dispensary. I approached the door, and began to reach for the handle, when the door swung open, somewhat abruptly. A very severe looking security guard asked me if I’d received a text confirming my order was ready for pick up. 

I explained that this was my first time, and I hadn’t ordered yet. He told me to go online and place an order, and went back inside. I sat down on the bench outside to place an order on Leafly, when the door opened again. A different, much more polite and somewhat chipper, well dressed staff member came out holding a clipboard. He introduced himself as a staff member, and asked me to fill out my information on the clipboard once I’d finished ordering online. 

I placed my ordered and filled out my information on the clipboard, when the security guard popped his head back out and asked me if I wanted to wait inside. I indicated I would, and came inside to sit down. I wasn’t sitting down for more than a few seconds, when a woman from the window directly across from me, looked up and said “Um, hello?”

I looked around, saw I was one of two people in there, then looked back at her and said “Hello, me?”

She said, “Yes. Do you have a medical card?”

I said, “Yes, I do.”

She said, “Okay, do you want to bring it up here?” 

I brought my card up to her, at which point she asked me for the clipboard too. I handed them to her, and stood there. 

She looked back up at me and said “Can I help you with something?”

Realizing our interchange must have been over, I said no thank you and sat back down. A few minutes later, a door to the back opened, and a staff member invited me to the back. 

The bud tender was just about the nicest person you could hope for. He excitedly told me he noticed it was my first time, showed me their sheet for how to get a 10-20% discount if you’re under a specific income, and briefly went over some other products they sell, which were similar to those in my purchase.

The entire experience took about 15 minutes start to finish. 

My Second Noteworthy Experience

Another time I visited Acanza, I placed an order online and arrived in the middle of the afternoon. At the time the there wasn’t anyone in line outside and I was let right in. Being familiar with the process, I went straight to the window and dropped off my medical card.

Inside there were about 5 people in front of me. I was sitting there for about 7 minutes, and a small line had formed outside. The security guard was standing outside with his foot propping the door widely open, while he was answering a woman’s question. During this interchange, a man parked right in front of the dispensary, got out of his car, and walked inside, headed toward the glass window to give his card. 

He was already inside and half way to the counter, when the security guard began yelling at him to stop from the door. The man stopped suddenly, seeming startled. He turned to the security guard and explained he’d received a text saying his order was ready. The guard, in a still raised voice, but now with a condescending tone, replied “Yeah? So do all of them!”, pointing at the line outside.

The man apologize and said he didn’t know, to which the security guard replied “Why did you think they were standing out there, to socialize?” 

The man, then went outside, got in his car and left. Someone came from the back and asked the security guard what had happened. There in front of me, and all of the other patients/customers in the room, the security guard retold the story, while mocking the patient in a dumbing tone. The other staff member cracked up laughing, and they both joked that he was probably lying and probably wasn’t even a patient. They chuckled and continued to talk about it there in the lobby for several minutes.

I was so uncomfortable, I didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone in the room. I could not believe staff members were that comfortable joking about patients in front of other patients. It was nearly the most unprofessional thing I’d ever seen in a dispensary.

However, once again, when I got to the back, the bud tender was super polite, super helpful, and just a great end to an awkward experience.

Final Most Recent Noteworthy Experience

My most recent experience with Acanza was the only one, in which I had to wait an exceedingly long time. I was there for 32 minutes. When I arrived, there were 14 people there in line. 

I had my daughter with me, so I parked up front, and my friend came to sit in my car with my daughter while I was in line. They were directly in front of the Dispensary with the windows down, where you could clearly see both of them in the car. Regardless, I let the security guard know my friend was sitting with my kid, an jumped in the back of the line. 

I was in line for 13 minutes, when this blonde woman, who was moving very odly and appeared disholved, walked up. She walked the length of the line twice, then cut in line in front of a different patient. This woman appeared to be on hard drugs, so I didn’t say anything to her, and that’s probably why no one else in line did either. 

After three more minutes went by, (I’ve been standing outside for 16 minutes at this point), this woman decided to jump the line again. This time, she cut in front of the second person in line, making herself next in line. The security guard was actually outside during the second time she cut the line, but didn’t say anything to her about it.

Once I got inside, I dropped off my card up front, sat down and continued waiting for a long time. I’m not sure what minute it was by the time I was called to the back, but I was in a hurry by that point, so I paid an left, and checked the time once I’d exited the dispensary. It was 32 total minutes from the time I began waiting in line.

I went back to my car and got in, said thank you to my friend, she stepped out and I started driving away. I hadn’t drove one minute, when my friend called me, and said the security guard stopped her on her way to her car and was questioning her about what she was doing there. 

She was quite taken aback, as was I, because not only had we told the security guard what was happening, but they were parked there in front of him with the windows down for over 30 minutes. I encourage you all to look at the parking spots from the door of Acanza, there is no way you could miss a kid and a woman playing in a car directly in front of you for 30 minutes. 

He told her that he had to question her as part of his job, because of all of the “sketchy types that roam the parking lot.” But my friend is a well-dressed small business owner in her late 30s. She doesn’t look sketchy, nor did he have any reason to be confused about why she was there.

All in all, Acanza’s front staff members need to go through whatever politeness training their giving their bud tenders. It’s very unpleasant to interact with their staff members in the front, and they badly need someone to be explaining their check in process to new visitors. Every dispensary is different, and it really isn’t okay to treat patients like they should just already know. 

There is a feeling of mutual respect that humans should both expect and project to individuals they’ve never encountered. Politeness is just an extension of respect for another person. To treat someone with such rudeness, and even mockery in some cases, is to allow everyone else to know that you seem them as less than you. 

If Acanza could retrain it’s staff on how to interact with the public, their dispensary would be a real destination. 


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like This One, Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; AR MMJ Cards can provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

CALL ARMMJ CARDS: (479) 308-5000

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