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About AR MMJ Cards

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AR MMJ Cards’ focus is integration of natural green medicine with modern scientific approaches.  We are modernizing healthcare by harmonizing the body’s equilibrium with nature. AR MMJ Cards was the first and only service in Arkansas to bring marijuana card certification to patients’ doorsteps. COVID-19 prompted us to change how we serve our patients – we moved from a concierge service to telemedicine (virtual consultations) and an office location in Bentonville, AR where patients and the doctor are separated by glass to ensure patient safety. Our commitment to providing quality care, accessibility, and great value has not changed – our medical and customer service teams are here to educate and guide patients every step of the way through their dispensary card certification journey. 

The Dream Team

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke - AR MMJ Cards Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Daniel Whitelocke, M.D.

Founder and CEO

ARMMJ Cards Staff Rachel Schepp

Rachel Schepp

Clinic and Patient Care Manager

ARMMJ Cards Owner Janelle Whitelocke

Janelle Pavao Whitelocke

I.T. and Marketing Manager

From AR Concierge MD to AR MMJ Card: A history of our Company's Evolution

“AR Concierge MD is the brainchild of endless cups of coffee. I’m not advising excess caffeine intake, but it’s the truth.” Says Dr. Daniel Whitelocke.

After the State of Arkansas legalized marijuana for medical use, Dr. Whitelocke started concocting the idea of a system, where patients could get their cards at a great value with the most convenience possible.

After a lot of verbal planning and hypothesizing the design, he finally decided to just jump in and get started.

On a Thursday afternoon, he suddenly decided to announce the launch of his new business that coming Saturday at the Fayetteville LGBTQ Pride Festival.

“Thursday night and Friday were spent trying to rush business cards, banners, and everything I needed for a booth at the parade.” Dr. Whitelocke says, “Trying to come up with designs for everything on the fly was just maddening.”

In the end, the rush worked out, and AR Concierge MD got its first patient the following week.

From that day forward, the calls started coming in like a landslide. At first, Dr. Daniel and his wife, Janelle, were able to keep up with the volume. Over a short period, Dr. Daniel experienced tremendous growth in his practice and needed to hire more passionate individuals like himself.  Dr. Whitelocke appreciated his amazing patients and their numerous referrals and was excited to find the perfect match for his team.

Finally, after much searching and heartache in candidate choices, Mrs. Rachel Schepp was hired to handle customer service. The Whitelockes have known Rachel and are were very familiar with her work quality and ethic. 

AR MMJ Cards now runs without a hitch and our patients are consistently pleased. AR MMJ Cards is in the process of adding more customer service and medical professionals to the team to ensure we consistently exceed patient satisfaction. 

The final milestone in our young company was the creation of a new site and changing our name from AR Concierge MD to AR MMJ Cards.

Once again, in an effort to provide convenience to our patients and viewers, we wanted to create a url that was easy to type. ARMMJCards.com, seemed as simple as possible. In 2020, we proudly presented a new, refreshed website. It is our great hope that you enjoy the site and check back often to read our educational blog posts.



Fayetteville Pride Parade

Setting up that booth at the Fayetteville pride parade represented the birth of our young company.


Hiring the Clinic and Patient Care Manager

"Hiring Rachel Schepp, our clinic and patient care manager, has set our business off in way we could not have imagined. Her meticulous attention to detail and calming demeanor have been key in winning and maintaining patient trust." - Daniel Whitelocke


Launching Website 2.0: ARMMJCard.com

The final milestone in our young company was the creation of a new site and changing our name from AR Concierge MD to AR MMJ Cards.