Certification Steps

obtain records of your qualifying condition for an Arkansas Medical Marijuana CardOnce you’ve reviewed the 18 qualifying conditions to ensure you qualify for a medical marijuana card in the state of Arkansas, and collected records of your qualifying condition if you have them, Click Begin Certification Now to fill out AR MMJ Cards’ FREE Online Patient Evaluation.

Once You’ve submitted the form, our Patient Care Manager will call you to schedule your $100 Telemedicine MMJ Certification.

Don’t have record of your condition? Don’t Worry About it! We got you covered. Our free online evaluation allows you to explain your condition in your own words.

Think you may have PTSD? Click here for our free online PTSD Self Test


Medical Marijuana Cards at the click of a button, with AR MMJ CardOur Patient Care Manager will schedule you for a voice and/or video appointment with AR MMJ Cards’ Physician. 

On the day of the Appointment you will receive an invoice for $100. Once you’re appointed is concluded an the invoice is paid, you will receive a link in your email, which will ask you to e-sign and add your personal information to your Certification form for the state.

Once you have filled in your information and signed, you can close the window and return to your email inbox. In your inbox you will receive another email with a PDF attachment with your complete Physician’s Written Certification Form.

Download your Physician’s Certification Form and upload it to the Arkansas State website to complete your application for a medical marijuana card.

For more detailed instructions on how to register your certification with Arkansas.gov, check out How to Register your Certification with Arkansas

When you submit your certification, The State of Arkansas will require:

  • Written certification from a physician (the document you received in step 2)
  • A valid State identification (not a passport)
  • $50 application fee, payable by credit card only
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The Team

Our Team

ar mmj cards team

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to provide the best possible experience for Arkansas residents seeking a medical marijuana card.

AR MMJ Cards (Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card) was founded by Dr. Daniel Whitelocke to ensure patients receive quality care and have access to alternative medicines including medical cannabis.

Dr. Whitelocke, MD, started as a surgeon and has worked in family clinics for most of his medical career. After extensive research on the benefits of medical marijuana card programs in other states, Dr. Whitelocke decided he wanted to help patients by offering affordable medical cannabis card certifications. He founded AR MMJ Cards in 2019 and is a Five-Star Rated practice because of his focus on affordability, quality care, and the needs of patients.

AR MMJ Cards is dedicated to offering value, service, and the most cost-effective cannabis card certifications in Arkansas . Dr. Whitelocke and his Customer Service Team work with patients to walk through the process of applying for a MMJ card with the state of Arkansas – from the initial visit to a follow-up to confirm that the patient received a medical marijuana card.

For more information on the 18 qualifying conditions or obtaining your state medical marijuana card certification, click here.